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Lesli Dalaba
> Timelines
High Duchess
> Wanderlust
Shelley Hirsch
> The Far In, Far Out Worlds of Shelley Hirsch
Robin Holcomb
> John Brown’s Body
Yuka Honda
> Eucademix
> Heart Chamber Phantoms
> Memories Are My Only Witness
Susie Ibarra
> Songbird Suite
Carla Kihlstedt
> Two Foot Yard
Kitty Brazelton and Dafna Naphtali
> What Is It Like To Be A Bat?
Pamelia Kurstin
> Thinking Out Loud
Okkyung Lee
> Nihm
> Noisy Love Songs
> Black Narcissus
> Entomological Reflections
> Kuroi Kawa~Black River
Meredith Monk
> Beginnings
Ikue Mori
> Myrninerest
Muna Zul
> Muna Zul
Jessica Pavone
> Hope Dawson Is Missing
> Songs of Synastry and Solitude
Phantom Orchard
> Orra
Phantom Orchard Orchestra
> Trouble In Paradise
Maria Raducanu
> ziori
Red Pocket
> Thick
Jenny Scheinman
> Shalagaster
> Alien Ancestry
Theresa Wong
> The Unlearning
> Tongue Bath