Yuka Honda :  Eucademix
Cat. # 7712
Released Sep 2004
cd time - 40:31
US Price $16.00
Eleven moody, funky, jazzy compositions from Yuka Honda, a founding member of the popular band Cibo Matto and a vital member of the Downtown scene since moving to NY from Tokyo in 1987. Her second CD for the Oracles Series is her best yet, featuring her soulful lyricism and hip break beats augmented by distinguished guest musicians like vocalists Petra Haden and Miho Hatori, instrumentalists Marc Ribot, Trevor Dunn and a host of others. Eucademix is an intimate journey through the mind and heart of one of the most honest and original musicians working in experimental pop today.
Brandt Abner: Keyboards
Thomas Bartlett: Voices
Trevor Dunn: Bass
Timo Ellis: Guitars, Drums
Petra Haden: Voices
Miho Hatori: Voices
Yuka Honda: Drum Programming, Bass, Guitar, Piano, Keyboards, Sampler, Voices
Japa Keenon: Drum Machine
Phantom: Rain
Marc Ribot: Guitars