Susie Ibarra :  Songbird Suite
Cat. # 7702
Released Jan 2002
cd time - 45:54
US Price $16.00
Born in California, raised in Texas and a New York resident since 1989, Susie Ibarra has become one of the most distinctive drummers in the world. Her latest project is a supergroup that crosses all borders. Driving rhythms and moody atmospheres are shaded with romance, lyricism and mystery. Featuring Susie’s exotic percussion, the classical violin of virtuoso Jennifer Choi, Craig Taborn’s angular pianistic fireworks and laptop electronics pioneer Ikue Mori, Songbird Suite is a delicate and complex recording that introduces an exciting new world of sound.
Jennifer Choi: Violin
Susie Ibarra: Drums
Ikue Mori: Laptop Computer
Craig Taborn: Piano, Samples, Electronics