Shelley Hirsch :  The Far In, Far Out Worlds of Shelley Hirsch
Cat. # 7705
Released Nov 2002
cd time - 68:48
US Price $16.00
Vocal acrobat, improviser, raconteur, chanteuse, composer and so much more, Brooklyn born Shelley Hirsch has been a central figure in the downtown scene since the mid ’70s, collaborating with just about every important figure in new music. This special collection brings together many of her most important pieces, now sounding better than ever in remastered, updated definitive versions. Including hard-to-find recordings, rare live performances and new pieces never before available, The Far In, Far Out Worlds of Shelley Hirsch is the ultimate collection of one of the most original and charismatic vocalists of our time.
Michael Bollin: Viola
Mich Gerber: Double Bass
Shelley Hirsch: Vocals, Text, Electronic Processing, Percussion
Simon Hostettler: Drum Programming, Keyboards, Typewriter, Percussion
Stephen Housewright: Spoken Male Voice
Jerry Hunt: Electronic Music
Sybilla Leuenberger: Violin
Max Lyandvert: Live Sound Design
Christian Schneider: Cello
Misa Stefanovic: Violin
Aida Vidzer: Spoken Interjections
David Weinstein: Keyboards