Carla Kihlstedt :  Two Foot Yard
Cat. # 7706
Released Jan 2003
cd time - 54:12
US Price $16.00
Carla Kihlstedt is one of the most versatile violinists in new music, is much at home performing Stravinsky’s Histoire du Solidat on the concert stage, swinging jazz solos in the popular Tin Hat Trio, scraping noise improvisations with Derek Bailey or rocking out at CBGBs with her SF based band Sleepytime Gorilla Museum. 2 Foot Yard, her first CD under her own name is a creative compendium of genre-breaking instrumentals and vocal miniatures, featuring some of the greatest performers out of the exciting SF/Bay Area scene.
Marika Hughes: Cello
Shahzad Ismaily: Drums, Cajon, Acoustic Guitar, Percussion
Carla Kihlstedt: Violin, Trumpet Violin, Viola, Zither, Bass Harmonica, Accordion, Melodica, Voice, Breath