Okkyung Lee :  Noisy Love Songs
Cat. # 7724
Released Mar 2011
cd time - 54:21
US Price $16.00
An important member of the downtown scene since 2000, Okkyung Lee has worked with Laurie Anderson, Evan Parker, Vijay Iyer, Thurston Moore, Butch Morris, Larry Ochs, Christian Marclay and John Zorn, among others. Her new project for Tzadik features several of her closest collaborators in intimate chamber pieces that combine written music with noise improvisation. Evocative, intense and passionate music from this cutting edge master of modern cello!
Okkyung Lee: Cello
Ikue Mori: Electronics
Craig Taborn: Piano
Satoshi Takeishi: Percussion, Electronics
Cornelius Dufallo: Violin
Peter Evans: Trumpet
John Hollenbeck: Percussion
Christopher Tordini: Bass