Xtatika :  Tongue Bath
Cat. # 7701
Released Jun 2001
cd time - 47:07
US Price $16.00
New Tzadik Oracles series is proud to begin with the unique visions of singer/songwriter Haena Kim. Featuring hypnotic, trippy vocals, nasty electric bass and two driving Korean percussionists, this is a band that opens up an exciting new world of sound. You’ve never heard anything like Xtatika—a magical blend of alternative rock with Korean traditional music. Pansori via Nine Inch Nails.
Kyungwook Jung: Changgo, Kwenggari, Tinsya
Haena Kim: Vocals, Kwenggari, Tinsya
Vongku Pak: Puk, Kwenggari, Changgo, Bowls
Masaki Yamagata: Bass, Ebow