David Simons :  Prismatic Hearing
Cat. # 8001
Released Jun 2004
cd time - 46:21
US Price $16.00
David Simons is a composer/performer who combines percussion, theremin, digital electronics, and World Music in strikingly original compositions that defy classification. A close collaborator of vocalist Shelley Hirsch, David has toured with Samul Nori, Gamelan Son of Lion, Samm Bennett, Denman Maroney and the Estonian Perception Unit. His first CD for Tzadik presents the full range of his work, and is a fascinating compendium of experimental pieces, both acoustic and electric.
Barbara Benary
Mark Brooks
David Demnitz
Michael Evans
Daniel Goode
Bill Jacobs
Lisa Karrer
Jody Kruskal
Skip La Plante
Marnen Laibow-Koser
Laura Liben
Nyoman Saptanyana
David Simons
Carol Weber
Sima Wolf