Jerry Hunt :  Phalba
Cat. # 7093
Released Apr 2004
cd time - 76:17
US Price $16.00
Composer and modern day shaman Jerry Hunt combined live electronics with esoteric spirituality in creating his own very unique ritualistic performances. This CD presents four rare compositions written expressly for James Fulkerson and the Barton Workshop, who had a long and intimate relationship with this elusive composer until his untimely death in 1993. Includes an extended piece for trombone and electronics, two colorful compositions for ensemble and a charming minimalist piece for violin and piano. Hunt's hypnotic sound world transfers brilliantly to this virtuosic ensemble, and they perform his challenging scores with passion and intensity. A wild new view from one of new music's legendary mavericks.
John Anderson: Clarinets
Robert Bosch: Electronic Supervision
Frank Denyer: Piano
James Fulkerson: Trombone
Marieke Keser: Violin
Elisabeth Smalt: Viola
Judith Swaay: Cello
Jos Zwaanenburg: Flute