Mark Applebaum :  Catfish
Cat. # 7094
Released Nov 2003
cd time - 52:50
US Price $16.00
A former student of Brian Ferneyhough, Mark Applebaum straddles the two worlds of modern classical complexity and improvisational insanity. As one would expect, this first CD devoted to his work is an eclectic compendium of homemade electro-percussion, orchestral fireworks, virtuoso solo pieces and cartoon cut-ups. Intense, but always with a sick Californian sense of humor, Catfish is a vexing and delightful listening experience.
Mark Applebaum: Mouseketier, Piano 6-hands
Karen Elaine Bakunin: Viola
Susan Barrett: Oboe
Arun Bharali: Violins
Helen Bledsoe: Flute
Lisa Cella: Flute
Paul Dresher: Quadrachord
Warren Gref: Horn
Aiyun Huang: Percussion
Christopher Jones: Piano 6-hands
Hugh Livingston: Cello
Terry Longshore: Percussion
Ivan Manzanilla: Percussion
Mark Menzies: Violins
Keizo Mizoiri: Contrabass
Brett Reed: Percussion
Thomas Rosenkranz: Piano
David Savage: Bassoon
Steven Schick: Percussion
Harvey Sollberger: Conductor
Terri Tunnicliffe: Clarinet
Shannon Wettstein: Piano
Ann Yi: Piano 6-hands