Kayo Dot :  Choirs of the Eye
Cat. # 7092
Released Oct 2003
cd time - 56:01
US Price $16.00
Dark metal music on an orchestral scale, with powerful riffs, haunted vocals, violin, French horn and much more. Formerly known as Maudlin of the Well, with a dedicated gothic following, their newest recording, over a year in the making, takes them into an adventurous new world where heavy rock and classical music meet ritual. Magical and compelling music from a young band breaking new ground in the rock world.
Jason Bitner: Camera
Toby Driver: Guitar, Voice, Electronics, Bells, Cello, Double-bass
Sam Gutterman: Drums, Voice
Nicholas Kyte: Bass, Voice
Greg Massi: Guitar, Voice
Mia Matsumiya: Violin, Viola
Benjie Messer: Trombone
Sam Minnich: French Horn
Alex Nagle: Guitar
Todd Neece: Voice
Terran Olson: Hammond M-3, Rhodes, Flute, Piano, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone
Adam Scott: Trumpet