Chien-Yin Chen :  Purr
Cat. # 7091
Released Oct 2003
cd time - 47:14
US Price $16.00
A native of Taiwan, Chien-Yin Chen is a marvelous young composer who spent ten years in Germany studying with Gyorgi Ligeti, and is now living in New York. Her work is remarkably inventive, honest and meticulously crafted. Purr, her debut CD features five different pieces showing her love of Chinese traditional music, improvisation, and the Western classical tradition, which she effortlessly reinvents, creating an impressive original sound world. Includes two large ensemble pieces, one featuring pipa virtuoso Min Xiao-Fen, a bizarre duo for organ and bass, a trio for three guitars and more.
William Anderson: Guitars
Chien-Yin Chen: Piano, Organ
Lorraine Cohen-Moses: Trumpet
Christina Dahl: Piano
Mark Delpriora: Guitars
Dominic Donato: Percussion
Mark Dresser: Double Bass
Oren Fader: Guitars
Paul Hostetter: Conductor
Alan Kay: Clarinet
Jean Kopperud: Clarinet
Matt Levy: Saxophone
Curtis Macomber: Violin
Jayn Rosenfeld: Flute/piccolo
John Sheppard: Trumpet
John Whitfield: Cello
Min Xiao-Fen: Pipa