Marc Ribot :  Scelsi Morning
Cat. # 7089
Released Aug 2003
cd time - 53:10
US Price $16.00
Marc Ribot's boldly beautiful world of atavistic horror reaches its apex in Scelsi Morning, a startling and eclectic collection of Marc's most powerful compositions for chamber ensemble. Touching upon Ayler, Morton Feldman, minimalism and of course the ritualistic music of Italian composer Giancento Scelsi, to whom the work is dedicated, Scelsi Morning features plenty of Marc's searing guitar work, lush orchestrations for clarinets and strings, and primitive noise percussion.
Christine Bard: Percussion, Drums
Anthony Coleman: Piano, Organ, Trombone, Sampler
Jill Jaffe: Violin, Viola
Fran├žois Lardeau: Instrument
Ted Reichman: Pump Organ, Accordion
Marc Ribot: Guitar
Roberto Rodriguez: Percussion, Drums
Ned Rothenberg: Clarinet, Bass Clarinet
Eddie Sperry: Sampler
Rob Thomas: Violin, Bass
Chris Wood: Bass