Cleric :  The Book Beri’ah Vol 2--Chokhma
Cat. # 5102
Released Feb 2019
cd time - 67:55
US Price $19.00
At the forefront of the new rock complexity, Cleric is one of the most cutting edge bands out of the experimental Metal community. Here they put their hand to nine compositions from Masada Book Three. Masada fans since they were in their teens, the band has put an extra measure of creativity into this project, weaving the tunes into insane arrangements of epic proportions. Outrageous, exhilarating and intense music that combines Metal with modern classical, jazz and the Jewish tradition. You have never heard such sounds in your life!
Ludovic Beier: Accordion, Accordina
Timba HAarris: Violins
Matt Hollenberg: Guitars, Oud
Dan Kennedy: Bass
Larry Kwartowitz: Drums, Percussion
Nick Shellenberger: Keyboards, Vocals