Carolyn Yarnell :  Sonic Vision
Cat. # 7087
Released Jun 2003
cd time - 57:41
US Price $16.00
Inspired by the beauty and power of nature, the music of Carolyn Yarnell straddles the borders of minimalism, romanticism and Baroque. A maverick in the American tradition of Partch, Ruggles and Riley, her compositions have been performed worldwide by orchestras, chamber groups and soloists such as Kathleen Supové, who is a fervent champion of her work. Sonic Vision, the first CD devoted entirely to her music, contains the powerful electronic composition Love God, a beautiful solo piece for Baroque flute, a minimalist suite for chamber ensemble and a powerful extended work for computer piano. Lyrical and mystical music that evokes volcanoes, birds and the Rocky Mountains.
Elizabeth Bloomstock: Baroque Violin
Paul Hale: Baroque Cello
Gonzalo X. Ruiz: Baroque Oboe
Stephen Schultz: Baroque Flute
Kathy Shao: Harpsichord
George Thomson: Conductor
Roy Welden: Viola Da Gamba
Eric Wenger: Effects, Processing
Carolyn Yarnell: Synthesizers, Programming, Vocals