Scott Johnson :  Mind Out Of Matter
Cat. # 4021
Released Feb 2018
cd time - 73:31
US Price $16.00
Another masterwork by one of America’s true mavericks—Scott Johnson, a composer/performer who works slowly and meticulously crafts every detail. A new work from him is truly a cause for celebration and this sprawling, extended 74-minute eight movement suite marks the culmination of his pioneering work transcribing speech into musical melodies. Here recordings of philosopher Daniel C. Dennett are set in lush and colorful musical landscapes that brilliantly mix pop sensibilities with classical rigor. A labor of love and five years in the making, this is one of Scott’s greatest creations, successfully synthesizing opposing musical inheritances into an exciting new language.

Scott Johnson also has CDs available on the Composer Series.

Alarm Will Sound
Miles Brown: Double Bass, Electric Bass, Voice
Caleb Burhans: Violin, Electric Guitar, Voice
David Byrd-Marrow: French Horn, Voice
Michael Clayville: Trombone, Voice
Stefan Freund: Cello, Voice
Michael Harley: Bassoon, Voice
Sam Jones: Trumpet
Erin Lesser: Flute, Piccolo
John Orfe: Piano, Keyboard
Courtney Orlando: Violin, Triangle, Voice
Alan Pierson: Conductor
Luke Rinderknecht: Percussion, Voice
Christa Robinson: Oboe
Nadia Sirota: Viola, Shaker, Voice
Matt Smallcomb: Percussion
Chad Smith: Clarinet, Saxophone
Elisabeth Stimpert: Clarinets
Chris Thompson: Drums, Percussion