Film Music
Frank London :  The Debt ~~~ A Tzadik Classic!
Cat. # 7507b
Released Aug 2016
cd time - 70:43
US Price $16.00
Frank London, a major voice in today’s Jewish music renaissance, who has worked with the likes of LLCooI J, LaMonte Young, Jane Siberry and Gal Costa, is a trumpetist, composer, arranger and musical scholar of startling range and creativity. The Debt is the first collection of his work for film and theater, and contains a wide variety of his musical obsessions: Latin grooves, Mingus-style jazz arrangements, classical chamber compositions, moody sound pieces, funky bachelor pad music and a gorgeous suite scored for six female voices. Over forty of New York’s greatest musicians are brought here in a variety of ensembles making this one of the most exciting and eclectic releases by one of the most active musicians in the Downtown scene.
~~~ A Tzadik Classic!
Pablo Aslan
Marion Beckenstein
Lisa Bielawa
Danny Blume
Eileen Clark
Anthony Coleman
Mark Dresser
Mark Feldman
Karen Goldfeder
Aaron Heick
David Krakauer
David Licht
Sheryll Marshall
John Medeski
Alexandra Montano
Robert Musso
Kevin Norton
Boris Rayskin
Dave Rick
Bill Ruyle
Sebastian Steinberg
Tomas Ulrich
and others