Lunatic Fringe
Danny Cohen, Mike Boner, Horse Cock Kids : 
Self Indulgent Music ~~~ A Tzadik Classic!
Cat. # 7403b
Released Jul 2016
cd time - 54:39
US Price $16.00
No matter how healthy you get, you still end up sick." - Mike Boner

Tzadik is proud to introduce you to three exciting new artists. This special CD release is a passport to their unique worlds of sound. Danny Cohen and Mike Boner both hail from California, Horse Cock Kids are based in Cologne but they all share an intense passion for their own self-indulgent fantasies.

Songs about sex, degeneracy, puberty, loss of identity, truth, love and boredom from three of the most howlingly original songwriters you have ever heard. This is what Tzadik's Lunatic Fringe series is all about - it doesn't get any realer than this.
~~~ A Tzadik Classic!
Horse Cock Kids
Mike Boner
Danny Cohen