Wadada Leo Smith : 
Luminous Axis (The Caravans Of Winter And Summer)
Cat. # 7083
Released Nov 2002
cd time - 55:13
US Price $16.00
A relentless musical innovator since his early days in the Chicago AACM, Wadada Leo Smith is one of the most consistently creative composer/performers in new music. In his sixth Tzadik release he once again explores new territory, bringing six absolute masters of live electronics together to perform some of Wadada's most adventurous and colorful compositions. Including a large, sprawling work for four laptops and trumpet, and two dynamic duets with legendary laptop pioneer Ikue Mori, Luminous Axis is one of Wadada's most exciting and dynamic recordings.
John Bischoff: Computer-driven Electronics
Chris Brown: Computer-driven Electronics
Ikue Mori: Computer-driven Electronics
Tim Perkis: Computer-driven Electronics
Wadada Leo Smith: Trumpet And Fugelhorn With Electronics
Mark Trayle: Computer-driven Electronics
William Winant: Percussion