Teiji Ito : 
Music for Maya—Film Music of Teiji Ito ~~~ A Tzadik Classic!
Cat. # 8038b
Released Apr 2016
cd 1 time - 67:12
cd 2 time - 66:54
US Price $23.00
Focusing on his relationship with the legendary cinematic poet Maya Deren, Tzadik’s third Teiji Ito release highlights his versatile and evocative music for films. Included are three major Deren scores, four pieces for Marie Menken and recently discovered music for industrial films, documentaries and the avant-garde. A remarkable 2 CD set featuring over two hours of music released for the first time and an extended booklet filled with scores, storyboards, photos, notes and more.
~~~ A Tzadik Classic!
Teiji Ito