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Great Jewish Music: Jacob do Bandolim ~~~ A Tzadik Classic!
Cat. # 7192b
Released Mar 2016
cd time - 52:46
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One of the founders of the Brazilian instrumental style choro, Jacob do Bandolim began his long musical career by plucking his violin with a hairpin, and very soon developed into the greatest mandolin virtuoso Brazil has ever known. His compositions virtually defined the choro style through the Thirties, Forties and Fifties, and he remains one of the most endearing figures in Brazilian music to this day. This exciting tribute to one of Brazil’s greatest Jewish composers features creative arrangements by Tzadik regulars ranging from the traditional to the experimental. Charming and powerful music with a sensual lyricism from one of the guiding lights of the Jewish Diaspora.
~~~ A Tzadik Classic!
Cyro Baptista
Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz
Rob Burger
Anat Cohen
Carol Emanuel
Carla Kihlstedt
Jon Madof
Ben Perowsky
Jamie Saft
Basya Schechter
Tim Sparks