John Zorn :  Madrigals
Cat. # 8339
Released Jan 2016
cd time - 39:07
US Price $19.00
Zorn’s compositions for acappella voice are some of his most sensual and sublime creations. This CD presents his two books of “Madrigals” scored for six female voices. Beautifully performed by his long time ensemble the “Sapphites” the music is even more varied and challenging than his previous masterpieces “The Holy Visions” and “Shir Hashirim,” touching upon minimalism, tonal and atonal counterpoint, textural experiments and more. Inspired by the visionary poetry of 19th century British Romantic Percy Blysse Shelley, a charming lyricism and subtle spirituality rides through the music from first note to last.
Lisa Bielawa: Voice
Sarah Brailey: Voice
Rachel Calloway: Voice
Mellissa Hughes: Voice
Jane Sheldon: Voice
Kirsten Sollek: Voice