Eric Qin :  Photographs: 1988–1993
Cat. # 7081
Released Sep 2002
cd time - 49:10
US Price $16.00
This long awaited release completes a trilogy of CDs documenting the young composer collective Rough Assemblage. Active in the early 1990s out of Mannes College of Music, this trio of like-minded musicians also included Norman Yamada (Being in Time, TZ 7035) and Mark Degliantoni (Horse Tricks, TZ 7042). The tragic death of Eric Qin in 1993 ended the project, but in the following years efforts were made to collect and record Qin's extant remaining compositions. Photographs: 1988–1993 is the exciting result. Meticulously researched and detailed, these pieces show an astonishing variety and maturity. We can only guess where Eric's music may have gone, but these touching recordings, filled with passion and tenderness are a fitting tribute to this very young and very creative musical mind. Produced and organized by Norman Yamada.
Christine Bard: Radios
Frank Cassara: Muted Nipple Gongs
Dominic Donato: Muted Nipple Gongs
Mark Ettinger: Radios
Beth Anne Hatton: Soprano
Wolfram Koessel: Cello
Jacqueline Leclair: Oboe
Wayne du Maine: Trumpet
Jim Pugliese: Radios
Eric Qin: Piano
Tom Sauer: Piano
Vita Wallace: Violin
Ishmael Wallace: Piano

Brentano String Quartet
Misha Amory: Viola
Serena Canin: Violins
Nina Maria Lee: Cello
Mark Steinberg: Violins