David Rosenboom :  Naked Curvature
Cat. # 4009
Released Apr 2015
cd time - 58:38
US Price $16.00
Active since the 1960s, composer/performer/ educator/instrument builder and improviser David Rosenboom, has been at the cutting edge of contemporary music, scoring for orchestra, opera, solo performance, chamber ensembles, improvisers, electronics, dance and more. This exciting release presents his whispered chamber opera/concerto grosso for six instrumentalists, whispering voices, electronics and interactive computer software. The recording was produced and conducted under the composer’s direction and features the virtuosic CalArts Chamber Ensemble. A unique masterwork from this legendary composer.

CalArts Chamber Ensemble
Sylvia Desrochers: Whispering Voice
Traci Esslinger: Piano, Midi Triggering
Marja Kay: Whispering Voice
Adam Overton: Electronics, Software
Aniela Perry: Cello
David Rosenboom: Electronics, Software
Abby Savell: Percussion, Midi Triggering
Kimberly Turney: Flute, Piccolo
Brian Walsh: Clarinet, Bass Clarinet
Kris Wildman: Whispering Voice
Noriko Yamaga: Violin