David Shea :  Classical Works II
Cat. # 7079
Released Aug 2002
cd time - 68:10
US Price $16.00
In the 1990s David Shea was a regular on the downtown scene working with Anthony Coleman, John Zorn, Zeena Parkins, Shelly Hirsch and many others. Since 1998 he has been living and working in Brussels collaborating with some of Belgium's finest classical musicians, and performing his exciting solo concerts. Classical Works II, his third release on Tzadik, is the definitive document of Shea's new musical direction, bold integrating sampling technology into the classical concert music tradition. The compositions here range from interactive duets for soloist and sampler to a major new piece for chamber symphony. New music from a continually fascinating musical manipulator.
Wilbert Aerts: Violin
Jean Phillipe Collard: Piano
Jean Paul Dessy: Conductor, Cello
Pierre Devos: Oboe
Louison Renault: Percussion
David Shea: Sampler, Computer
Sigrid Van den Bogaerde: Cello
Jean-Louis Votano: Clarinet