John Zorn :  Hen To Pan
Cat. # 8329
Released Feb 2015
cd time - 49:37
US Price $19.00
Focusing on the brilliant cellist Jay Campbell, soon to be a new music superstar, along with the equally masterful Michael Nicolas, Chris Otto and Stephen Gosling, these three powerful compositions take chamber music to a whole new level of intensity. Three realizations of Zorn’s infamous composition for two celli “Ouroboros” (two featuring guest percussionist Tyshawn Sorey) along with his canonic puzzle “Occam’s Razor” and the ten metaphysical ambiguities comprising the piano trio “The Aristos,” this is chamber music as you have never heard it before— visceral, intense and powerfully emotional.
Jay Campbell: Cello
Steve Gosling: Piano
Michael Nicolas: Cello
Chris Otto: Violin
Tyshawn Sorey: Drums