Wollesen - Haffner - Naujo :  Rasa Rasa
Cat. # 4005
Released Oct 2014
cd time - 44:40
US Price $16.00
For their first Tzadik release Rasa Rasa members Kenny Wollesen, Dalius Naujo, Jonathon Haffner and Sean Francis Conway have arranged the ancient polyphonic vocal music of Lithuania using a variety of ensembles and the result is an entirely new musical world. Charming, infective grooves, imaginative arrange- ments and ancient vocal rounds featuring six Lithuanian singers, brand new Wollesonic instruments and Neapolitian poet Giuseppe Zevola blend together in this fabulous new project.
Doug Wieselman: Tenor Saxophone, Guitar
Kenny Wollesen: Wollesonics, Percussion, Bass Drum
Sean Francis Conway: Trumpet, Wollesonics, Piano
Laima Griciute: Cosmic Manager
Jonathon Haffner: Alto Saxophone, Guitar
Michael Irwin: Trumpet
Lana Is: Voice
Aaron Keane: Bass
Tim Kieper: Percussion, Wollesonics
Kriste Krupovisovaite: Voice
Milda Laužikaite: Voice, Wollesonics
Panagiotis Mavridis: Panaphone
Dalius Naujo: Drums, Wollesonics, Percussion
Eivind Opsvik: Bass
Živile Rimšaite: Voice
Lina Saveikyte: Voice
Agota Zdanaviciute: Voice
Dorote Zdanaviciute: Voice
Giuseppe Zevola: Voice