John Zorn :  Transmigration Of The Magus
Cat. # 8324
Released Oct 2014
cd time - 44:23
US Price $19.00
Drawing inspiration from various Gnostic philosophies of the Nag Hammadi library, Transmigration of the Magus is a musical evocation of the mystical journey of the soul through the bardo. Lyrical and tender, the music has a lush orchestral sweep and features Bill Frisell and John Medeski reveling within the magical sonorities of vibraphones, bells and harps. Created to help the passing of Zorn’s dear friend Lou Reed through the bardo realms and released on the one year anniversary of his passing, Transmigration of the Magus is a memorial tribute to one of Zorn’s musical mentors and is one of his most touching and emotional projects—truly music of the angels.
Carol Emanuel: Harps
Bill Frisell: Guitar
John Medeski: Organ
Kenny Wollesen: Vibes, Bells
Bridget Kibbey: Harps
Al Lipowski: Vibes, Bells