John Zorn :  The Testament Of Solomon
Cat. # 8321
Released Aug 2014
cd time - 48:38
US Price $16.00
For their fourth release, Zorn’s most intimate and spiritual 21st century ensemble returns with a melodic and open book of tunes reminiscent of the Book of Angels. Drawing inspiration from the Biblical Song of Solomon and originally intended as a companion piece to Zorn’s vocal masterpiece Shir Hashirim, the music is regal, sensual and romantic—a magical blend of classical, jazz and folk music. There has never been a group like the Gnostic Trio, and The Testament of Solomon is a unique CD in their catalog, filled with strong solos, telepathic interplay and a charming lyricism.
Carol Emanuel: Harp
Bill Frisell: Guitar
Kenny Wollesen: Vibes