Many Arms :  Suspended Definition
Cat. # 7809
Released Apr 2014
cd time - 50:05
US Price $16.00
Many Arms, the Philadelphia and New York-based trio is joined here by the Toronto saxophonist Colin Fisher for a hardcore shredfest that will burn your eyebrows off. Blending the intensity of Pharoah Sanders with the speed of Mick Barr and the improvisational sensitivity of Joe Morris, this is a fabulous new release by a cutting edge band of intrepid musical explorers. Their first release on Tzadik made a huge impact on the Downtown rock scene and this new release is even stronger! An essential document of what the new generation is doing at the outer fringes of sanity.
Johnny DeBlase: Bass
Colin Fisher: Tenor Sax, Baritone Sax
Ricardo Lagomasino: Drums
Nick Millevoi: Guitar