Bobby Previte :  The 23 Constellations of Joan Miro
Cat. # 7072
Released Feb 2002
cd time - 55:18
US Price $16.00
An exciting new musical universe from the mind of composer/performer Bobby Previte. Filled with sweeping gestures and meticulous detail, The 23 Constellations of Joan MirĂ³ is Bobby Previte's dream project and one that he's been working on for over six years. Performed here with an all-star ensemble, Constellations is beautifully recorded and presented with a lush 36 page booklet containing color reproductions of all twenty-three of MirĂ³'s masterpieces. Previte's most original compositional achievement is also his most delightful.
Ralph Alessi
John Bacon
Jane Ira Bloom
Michel Gentile
Wayne Horvitz
Elizabeth Panzer
Bobby Previte
Ned Rothenberg
Jamie Saft
Lew Soloff