Marco Cappelli Acoustic Trio : 
Le Stagioni Del Commissario Ricciardi
Cat. # 7644
Released Oct 2013
cd time - 58:22
US Price $16.00
A musician of remarkable skills and versatility, Marco has been a vital member of the Downtown scene since 2004. This exciting trio project inspired by the popular crime novels of Maurizio de Giovanni brilliantly synthesizes minimalism, jazz, Italian folk music, contemporary classical, film soundtracks and more into a dramatic and evocative new music. Featuring two of the most talented and original musicians in the downtown scene: Ken Filiano and Satoshi Takeishi, this is a fantastically imaginative program of music filled with catchy melodies, fiery solos, unusual textures, virtuosity, humor and more.
Ken Filiano: Double Bass
Satoshi Takeishi: Percussion
Marco Cappelli: Classical “extreme” Guitar