Radical Jewish Culture
Barbez :  Bella Ciao
Cat. # 8180
Released Aug 2013
cd time - 41:12
US Price $16.00
Drawing upon ancient Roman Jewish melodies and incorpo- rating resistance poems by Pasolini and Alfonso Gatto, Dan Kaufman has put together a powerful and touching homage to the Italian Resistance during the period of Nazi occupation after the fall of Mussolini. Using the members of his band Barbez, including the brilliant virtuoso Pamelia Kurstin and guest vocalists Dawn McCarthy and Fiona Templeton, this is a stunning suite of music from the mastermind who brought you Force of Light in 2007.
Dan Kaufman: Guitar
Pamelia Kurstin: Theremin
Peter Lettre: Bass
Dawn McCarthy: Voice
Danny Tunick: Marimba, Vibraphone, Organ, Piano
John Bollinger: Drums, Timpani
Dan Coates: Electronics
Peter Hess: B-flat Clarinet, A Clarinet, Alto Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Contra-alto Clarinet
Catherine McRae: Violin
Fiona Templeton: Voice