Radical Jewish Culture
Bester Quartet :  The Golden Land
Cat. # 8178
Released Jun 2013
cd time - 50:36
US Price $16.00
A mainstay of the Radical Jewish series since their first release in 2000, Jaroslaw Bester is one of the most consistently creative and imaginative musicians in the New Jewish Renaissance. Here he approaches the classic compositions of Cracow-born Mordechaj Gebirtig, the preeminent Yiddish folk artist and one of the most influential poets and songwriters of his time. Bester’s arrangements are lush and filled with emotion, setting the tone of Gebirtig’s lyrical melodies into a modern and powerful new context.
Oleg Dyyak: Bayan, Clarinet, Percussion
Tomasz Zietek: Trumpet
Jarosław Bester: Bayan
Marcin Malinowski: Bass Clarinet
Magdalena Pluta: Cello
Mikołaj Pospieszalski: Double Bass
Jarosław Tyrała: Violin