Radical Jewish Culture
David Buchbinder :  Walk To The Sea
Cat. # 8177
Released Jun 2013
cd time - 52:49
US Price $16.00
Jewish music composer and trumpeter David Buchbinder teams up with Cuban master pianist Hilario Durán and a crew of Canada’s top jazz and world musicians to present this follow-up to the first award-winning Odessa/Havana release. Working with JUNO-winning producer Roberto Occhipinti, the ensemble has created a fresh, fiery and original sound that is pushed over the top with the addition of Ladino-influenced vocals. Celebratory and joyous music from these brilliant musical masters!
David Buchbinder: Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Bassam Bishara: Oud
Michal Cohen: Vocals
Hilario Duran: Piano
Elmer Ferrer: Tres
Aleksandar Gajic: Violin, Viola
Ernesto Gatell: Bata
Jamey Haddad: Riq, Frame Drum, Dumbeq
Joaquin Nuñez Hidalgo: Congas, Dumbeq, Bata, Chekere
John Johnson: Clarinet, Tenor And Soprano Saxes, Alto Flute
Mark Kelso: Drums, Bata, Percussion
Roberto Occhipinti: Bass, Guitar
Demetrios Petsalakis: Oud
Maryem Hassan Tollar: Vocals