Radical Jewish Culture
Alvin Curran :  Shofar Rags
Cat. # 8176
Released Jun 2013
cd time - 60:55
US Price $16.00
Active since themid-’60s, Alvin Curran is one of America’s most courageous and outrageous musical mavericks. A true forefather to the Downtown scene, his music embraces the dialectics of composition/improvisation, tonality/atonality, minimalism/maximalism, electronic/acoustic and more. Alvin’s use of the Shofar in experimental music making goes as far back as 1988, and this long awaited release features several compositions for Shofar and electronics, ranging from meditative Ambient environments to flamboyant, fast moving collage.
Alvin Curran: Shofar, Sampler, Electronics
Arnold Dreyblatt: Accordion
William Winant: Large Tam Tam
Michael Riessler: Soprano Clarinet