Les Rhinocéros :  Les Rhinocéros II
Cat. # 7808
Released May 2013
cd time - 48:40
US Price $16.00
For their second CD for Tzadik, this fabulous trio takes a step toward tradition with a heavy CD of music for the classic format of guitar, bass and drums. Recorded at Bill Laswell’s Orange Studio by James Dellatacoma, the sound is as intense and powerful as the music. Les Rhinocéros II is a strong second release by this tight and razor sharp new band of musical renegades.
Jonathan Burrier: Drums, Percussion
Michael Coltun: Basses, Effects, Loops, Noise, Toys, Guitars, Percussion, Kamel N’goni
David Coltun: Violin
Joe Herrera: Trumpet
Reese Higgins: Vocals
Balazs Pandi: Drums
Joey Pappas: Upright Bass
Amit Peled: Guitars, Effects, Loops, Noise
Martin Seiler: Tenor Sax