Otomo Yoshihide :  Anode
Cat. # 7073
Released Nov 2001
cd time - 54:30
US Price $16.00
Four new compositions exploring free jazz, Cagean dialectics and noise improvisation by one of Japan's most versatile composer/performers. Beginning and ending with two of the most intense recordings Otomo has ever done, the centerpieces of this remarkable CD join the Cagean aesthetics of randomness and delicacy with Japanese noise into two Zen koans. As perplexing as it is exhilarating.
Itoken: Drums, Crotales, Percussion
Annette Krebs: Electro-acoustic Guitar
Takara Kumiko: Tympani, Vibraphone, Percussion
Sachiko M: Contact Microphone, Sine Waves
Furuta Mari: Crotales, Percussion
Uemura Masahiro: Drums, Percussion
Sugimoto Taku: Electric Guitar
Akiyama Tetsuji: Contact Microphone, Turntable Without Records
Yoshigaki Yasuhiro: Drums, Percussion
Nishi Yoko: Prepared 17-string Koto
Otomo Yoshihide: Electric-feedback Guitar
Ichiraku Yoshimitsu: Percussion, Drums