Radical Jewish Culture
Dora Juárez Kiczkovsky :  Cantos Para Una Diáspora
Cat. # 8173
Released Feb 2013
cd time - 56:20
US Price $16.00
Dora Juarez is a brilliant young vocalist whose first CD on Tzadik with the trio Muna Zul was released to great acclaim in 2003. Here she steps out on her own to create a fascinating musical journey exploring her own Jewish identity. Tracing her lineage from her parent’s roots in Eastern Europe and Spain, on to Argentina, Israel (where Dora was born) and finally to Mexico where she was raised and still lives, this is an intensely personal and passionate Jewish story told through traditional Sephardic songs in Ladino and Yiddish.
Dora Juárez Kiczkovsky: Voice, Kalimba, Thai Mouth Harp, Kazoo, Cymbals, Whales, Waves, Frogs, Wind
Francisco Bringas: Drums, Percussion, Throat Singing, Toads, Vocal Tabla
Fernando Vigueras: Guitar, Vocal Percussion

Special Guests
Carlos Maldonado: Double Bass
Yurief Nieves: Accordion
Leo Soqui: Accordion, Vocal Percussion
Juan Pablo Villa: Vocals