Anthony Coleman :  The End of Summer
Cat. # 8094
Released Feb 2013
cd time - 54:45
US Price $16.00
The End of Summer is a collection of Anthony Coleman’s most recent chamber compositions and features his fabulous new ensemble Survivors Breakfast. Born and raised in NYC, Anthony has been a central figure in the Downtown scene since the late ’70s. His work blends the edge of improvisation with the meditative minimalism of Morton Feldman and Scelsi filtered through his tortured wandering aesthetic and an impish sense of humor. For this latest release he has put together a remarkable program of pieces inspired by film directors Ozu and Kiarostami, the fifty Eskimo words for snow and more.
Michael Attias: Alto Sax
Anthony Coleman: Piano, Conductor
Andy Allen: Alto Sax
Yasmine Azaiez: Violin
Peter Bauer: Clarinet
Jason Belcher: Baritone Horn
Diamanda La Berge Dramm: Violin
Zoe Christiansen: Clarinet, Accordion
Chuta Chulavalaivong: French Horn
Jason Coleman: Cello
David Cordes: Bass
Henrique Eisenmann: Piano
Mia Friedman: Violin
Christian Gamboa: Piano
Simon Hanes: Bass
Leah Hennessy: Voice, Piano
Andrew Hock: Guitar
Cale Israel: Trombone
Eden Macadam-Somer: Violin, Viola
Amir Milstein: Flute
Marina Moore: Viola
Andria Nicodemou: Vibraphone
Ashley Paul: Alto Sax
Randall Pingrey: Trombone
Abigale Reisman: Violin
Kathryn Schulmeister: Bass
Arian Shafiee: Guitar
Borey Shin: Accordion
Fausto Sierakowski: Alto Sax
Davindar Singh: Bass Clarinet
Ryan Stickney: Voice
Nigel Taylor: Trumpet
Joelle Wagner: Bassoon
Simon Willson: Bass