DVD Edition
Raz Mesinai :  Tunnel Vision
Cat. # 3013
Released Apr 2013
dvd time - 59
US Price $31.00
Sound alchemists Raz Mesinai and Jonathan Uliel Saldanha descend far below the earth’s surface into some of the oldest, and darkest underground tunnels in Europe. By using sound as a road map, they travel through the tunnels in search of what they consider to be the “Prima Materia” of Sound Alchemy: subterranean frequencies. Along the way they meet strange guides who lead them, sometimes misleadingly, to their ultimate goal.

In this film debut by composer, producer and graphic novelist Raz Mesinai, we are thrusted into a visual and auditory world that blurs the line between fiction and reality, or what Mesinai calls “Dub Fiction.”
Álvaro Almeida: Extended Winds, Trumpet, Voice
João Filipe: Percussion
Jessika Kenney: Voice
Mike Ladd: Voice
Rui Leal: Bass
Catarina Miranda: Voice

Featuring performances by:
Raz Mesinai: Voice
Rita Almendra
Fabíola Augusta
Jean-Baptiste Bayle
Gustavo Costa: Percussion
Gil Delindro
Ghost, Kit Kat
Storyboard P
Nuno Marques Pinto
José Roseira
Jonathan Uliel Saldanha: Percussion, Voice, Extended Winds
Filipe Silva
Contessa Stuto