Lee Hyla :  My Life On The Plains
Cat. # 8093
Released Jan 2013
cd time - 52:50
US Price $16.00
Lee Hyla is a composer of rare power and versatility whose work combines the complexity of atonal classical concert music with the energy of experimental jazz, rock and improvised music. Truly part of the American tradition, his work is imaginative, fresh, and embraces a wide
range of diverse influences. Lee Hyla’s third Tzadik CD presents a collection of recent works large and small. Colorful and startling pieces filled with surprises and wild bursts of energy. This is a fabulous and varied program of concert music from a true Amercan maverick!

Firebird Ensemble
Sarah Bob: Piano, Electronic Keyboard, Melodica
Amy Advocat: Clarinets, Bass Clarinets
Gabriela Dîaz: Violin
Alicia DiDonato: Flute
Jeffrey Means: Conductor
Rane Moore: Clarinets, Bass Clarinets
Raphael Popper-Keizer: Cello
David Russell: Cello
Aaron Trant: Percussion, Melodica
Kate Vincent: Viola