Gisburg :  No Stranger Not At All
Cat. # 7007
Released 1995
cd time - 34:47
US Price $16.00
Gisburg's debut release is "imaginary movie music" by an extraordinary young vocalist and composer, including dramtic text and Chinese and African traditional instruments.

Gisburg was born in Austria in 1966 and has lived in New York since 1992. In Berlin, she performed in the ensemble of Dieter Schnebel and in the Vocalduo Allii Gaa with Anna Clementi. Sha has recorded with Anthony Coleman/Roy Nathanson and Michelle Kinney among others.
Christine Bard: Percussion
Quentin Chiappetta: Keyboard, Sampler, Cymbals
Gisburg: Vocal, Flute, Cymbals
Jacqueline Leclair: Narration, Oboe
Reuben Radding: Bass
Christina Sun: Erhu