Radical Jewish Culture
Hasidic New Wave :  The Complete Recordings
Cat. # 8171-5
Released Nov 2012
cd 1 time - 61:10
cd 2 time - 56:24
cd 3 time - 45:27
cd 4 time - 56:00
cd 5 time - 51:55
US Price $39.00
A 5 CD set at a bargain price, this is the complete studio recordings (1996–2001) by one of the major ensembles in the renaissance of Jewish Jazz. Released 1996–2001, the music embraces an intense mixture of ethnic and cosmopolitan sounds, fusing spiritual songs from Hasidic dynasties to funk and jazz, Arabic dances with rock horas and freylekhs with intense improvisation. Including an additional CD of rare recordings and a 28-pg booklet filled with ephemera, remembrances by band members and more, this is an essential document of Radical Jewish Culture. Newly remastered, HNW’s alternatingly ecstatic and meditative performances, imbued with joy and passion sound better than ever!

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Aaron Alexander: Drums, M’bung M’bung, Thiol, Djembe
Anthony Coleman: Organ
Fima Ephron: Bass
David Fiuczynski: Guitar
Ben Goldberg: Bass Clarinet
Fred Lonberg-Holm: Cello
Frank London: Trumpet, Organ
Gary Lucas: Guitar
Sara Parkins: Violin
Jamie Saft: Organ
Greg Wall: Sax
Kenny Davis: Bass
Shlomo Deshet: Drums, Percussion
Bentsi Gafni: Bass
Vinnie Nobile: Trombone, Vocals
Sascha von Oertzen: Vocals

Yakar Rhythms
Abdoulaye Diop: M’bung M’bung, Thiol
Alioune Faye: Lead Sabar Drummer, N’der, M’bung M’bung, Thiol, Tama, Djembe
Ousmane Sall: M’bung M’bung