Ernesto Martinez :  Sincronario
Cat. # 8090
Released Oct 2012
cd time - 53:29
US Price $16.00
The second CD from this maverick Mexican composer, a former colleague of the legendary Conlon Nancarrow, features a radical new instrument—the hyperión: a portable piano with nylon guitar strings! Over two years went into the conception and fabrication of the instrument, three years into the compositions and two more years into the rehearsal and recording of the music. Brilliantly performed by Ernesto’s razor- sharp ensemble this is new music at its most exhilarating. Passionate, exotic minimalism from one of the world’s most dedicated and uncompromising musical experimentalists!
Alejandro Huerta: Marimba, Percussion
Ernesto Martinez: Piano, Hyperión, Keyboard, Percussion, Electric Bass
Juan Mercado: Marimba, Percussion
Alejandro Guevara: Electric Bass