Lunatic Fringe
Kramer :  The Brill Building
Cat. # 7412
Released Sep 2012
cd time - 42:14
US Price $16.00
Seven years in the making, Kramer has conjured what just might be his greatest CD ever—a brilliant tribute to the Jewish composers who made the legendary Brill Building in Times Square one of the centers of popular music songwriting for decades. From Bacharach to Carole King, Neil Diamond, Leiber and Stoller and Doc Pomus, these are the songs that made performers into superstars. Deeply personal yet wholly universal, Kramer captures all the poignancy and humor of these timeless classics. Welcome to The Brill Building!
Kramer: Instruments, Voices

Special Guests
Jad Fair: Lead Vocals
Mike Jones: Piano
R. Stevie Moore: Lead Vocals, Guitar, Drums
Daniel C. Smith: Lead Vocals