Radical Jewish Culture
Bester Quartet :  Metamorphoses
Cat. # 8170
Released Jul 2012
cd time - 49:33
US Price $16.00
A mainstay of Radical Jewish Culture since 1997 and one of the most consistently rewarding groups out of the New Jewish Renaissance, Bester Quartet (formerly The Cracow Klezmer Band) has released six CDs of brilliant New Jewish music on Tzadik. Distinguished by a daring repertoire and a virtuosity that is always at the service of the music itself, their newest CD is one of their very best. Ten original compositions that combine a dramatic sound, classical precision and the excitement of improvisation with the Jewish tradition.
Jaroslaw Bester: Bayan
Oleg Dyyak: Bayan, Clarinet, Percussion, Duduk
Jaroslaw Tyrala: Violin
Mikolaj Pospieszalski: Double Bass
Tomasz Zietek: Trumpet