Fausto Romitelli :  Anamorphosis
Cat. # 8087
Released Jul 2012
cd time - 51:29
US Price $16.00
Romitelli was born in 1963 and tragically died in 2004 after a long illness. He studied in Italy with Donatoni, and later at IRCAM with the spectralists. His work blends the sonic experiments of spectralism with psychedelic rock in the kind of hybridization of art and popular music more common of the New York Downtown scene. His work is wild and exciting, and often combines acoustic and electric instruments with other bizarre sound sources creating a hallucinatory atmosphere. The Talea Ensemble presents five works in world premiere recordings. An exciting debut CD by one of America’s greatest experimental classical ensembles.

Talea Ensemble
James Baker: Conductor
David Adamcyk: Electronics
Steven Beck: Synthesizer, Piano
Anthony Cheung: Synthesizer, Piano
Vasko Dukovski: Bass Clarinet
Oren Fader Electric: Guitar
Christopher Gross: Cello
Anna Lim: Violin
Alex Lipowski: Percussion
Rane Moore: Clarinets
Tara Helen O’connor: Flutes
Ryan Streber: Electronics
Elizabeth Weisser: Viola
Alex Woods: Violin