Anna Clyne :  Blue Moth
Cat. # 8084
Released Feb 2012
cd time - 60:11
US Price $16.00
Born in London, raised in the UK and currently composer-in-residence at the Chicago Symphony, Anna Clyne is a composer of acoustic and electro-acoustic music that blends ambient soundscapes with sonic gestures that morph and collide in ever changing fractal patterns. Her work includes collaborative projects with cutting-edge choreographers, filmmakers, visual artists and musicians and has been commissioned and performed worldwide. This exciting debut CD includes works for a variety of acoustic instruments and tape, and showcases her unique approach to sound, structure and time.
Anna Clyne: Backing Cello, Tape
Ralph Farris: Viola
Dorothy Lawson: Cello
Mary Rowell: Violin
Argeo Ascani: Baritone Sax
Caleb Burhans: Vocals
Benjamin Capps: Cello
Martha Cluver: Vocals
Colleen Clyne: Vocals
Laura DeLuca: Bass Clarinet
Cornelius Dufallo: Violin
Jennifer Gunn: Flute, Piccolo
Eileen Mack: Clarinet
David Sabee: Cello
Mikhail Shmidt: Violin
Paul Taub: Bass Flute
John Bruce Yeh: Bass Clarinet
Cynthia Yeh: Percussion