Andy Laster :  Riptide
Cat. # 8083
Released Oct 2011
cd time - 51:48
US Price $16.00
Composer, clarinetist/saxophonist Andy Laster has been involved in the downtown jazz scene since the mid-’80s. His projects are an exciting blend of improvisation and composition and always involve intertwining contrapuntal lines in an intimate chamber setting. For his first Tzadik release he has chosen several pieces for classical ensembles that are among his greatest work to date. Included are a string quartet, a string trio and a quintet for clarinet and strings, and a brilliant new piece for solo piano written especially for this CD. Lyrical and complex chamber music by this dedicated and imaginative New York composer.
Jennifer Choi: Violin
Kermit Driscoll: Bass
Erik Friedlander: Cello
Leo Adamov: Violin
Eliran Avni: Piano
Stephen Beck: Piano
Hamilton Berry: Cello
Stephanie Griffin: Viola
Moran Katz: Clarinet
Mick Rossi: Conductor
Ning Yu: Piano